We live in a world where animal exploitation has been completely normalized. Normalized to the point that by default, we’re born into it.

We tend not to think about it, but when we consume products like meat, dairy and eggs, we are paying for innocent animals to be hurt, exploited and killed on our behalf.

By now, I’ve shown footage of these industries to countless people, and everyone agrees that what they see is horrible.

But the important part is what’s next: will they choose to face this reality and do something about it, or will they live in denial?

If you want to face reality, see it for what it is and stand up for animals, a great place to start is this film right here.

It’s called Dominion, and it will show you the standard practices of the industries that exploit animals, for food, clothing, research and entertainment.

Please give it a watch, live vegan and speak up for the animals.

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